Performance Psychology / creating transformational leaders


Leadership Solutions

Leaders have great impact on the values, performance, and culture of their organizations. Performance Psychology exists to help business professionals increase their personal agency through better understanding how their judgments and actions influence the effectiveness of the people who work with them—and, in turn, the performance of their organizations overall.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of human behavior in business settings, Performance Psychology assesses and helps develop CEOs, senior executives and managers using the principles of management psychology to drive business results.

Consultation Areas

  • Develop and administer high-potential leadership development programs.
  • Conduct senior level pre-hire selection and development assessments for key roles.
  • Executive coaching linked to business strategy and goals.
  • Design and manage delivery of assessment and leadership development processes to employees at multiple levels, from senior executive leadership to manager level.
  • Drive business plan alignment and foster collaboration to improve leadership agility and business results through team development process with critical leadership teams.
  • Develop customized assessment protocols using state of the art instruments to address specific needs.
  • Conduct new leader assimilation process for key organization leaders.
  • Counsel executive leadership on organization culture assessment and development using validated tools.